Welcome to violetminded Media.

We are deeply committed to revealing the beauty behind business and crafting online spaces that matter.

When violetminded was formed in 2009, it was just one woman with one vision: make the web a more beautiful place, one website at a time. Now, as a small team, we’ve stepped further beyond the veneer of beauty and choose to dive deep into substance, form, emotion, and creativity, to determine how to best tell the story of your business to your people.

We believe that:

  • Business is inherently joyful and beautiful.
  • Design and business are long-time lovers.
  • Innovation can’t truly be realized until business better aligns itself with design (and vice versa).
  • Creativity, compassion, and collaboration make each project unique and utterly amazing.

And, more than anything, we want to live in a world where artists and entrepreneurs alike are celebrated for their eccentricities, as well as their incredible range of talents.

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Established: August 2009

Headquarters: New Westminster, BC (Greater Vancouver)

The Team: Amanda Farough (Founder, Designer, & Creative Director), Sarah Lewis (Developer), Shelly Hays Cole (Developer), Keri Hoyle Honea (SEO & SEM)