Potentia Therapy is a unique space inspired by a vision to provide specialized, collaborative and highly personalized outpatient care under the same roof.

We offer individual, couples, family, group psychotherapy; workshops; massage therapy; nutrition/wellness therapy and yoga therapy in an inviting and comfortable place created to facilitate healing and wholeness.

At Potentia, we will meet your pain, fear, shame with sincerity and respect, collaborative care and evidenced based approaches.

We treat the whole person (physical, emotional, social, spiritual) and our outpatient services provide support and direction to those with a wide range of concerns and struggles.

In addition to addressing common issues around depression, anxiety, marital and family stress, grief and loss, relationship struggles, college/post college life and midlife adjustments, postpartum challenges, parenting issues and wellness concerns, we also offer our clients specialized care addressing trauma, food and body issues, shame resilience and perfectionism.

We adhere to the standard of care in treating the disordered eating spectrum and believe working with a treatment team (Psychotherapist, Registered Dietician, Physician and other auxiliary services) provides the most effective and sustaining outcomes. Eating Disorders are the most deadly of all mental health conditions and need to be addressed as soon as possible. When clients need more intensive support, we work closely with treatment centers across the country to ensure our clients find the best care.

We utilize EMDR and experiential approaches (Yoga Therapy, Massage Therapy, Psychodrama, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy) to address the trauma spectrum and all distressing life events. Threats and stressors are highly individualized and subjective to each individual. Often minimized and devalued, when these threats and stressors go unaddressed, your ability to live life of meaning, clarity and purpose is compromised.

We believe that healing and recovery are possible – though it may look different for every person.

We believe your story matters and that it deserves to be told and honored – no matter how dark and painful.

We believe healing your relationship with food and your body is crucial to your vitality and living life in connection, community and service.

We believe creativity in a safe community is a powerful catalyst to discovering your true worth and value.

If you are ready for change, desiring more hope and peace in your life and are ready to work hard – then we are ready to partner with you as you begin or continue this journey.

We know choosing a therapist is an important decision. We value your trust and look forward to partnering with you towards living a life of true health: mind, body and soul.

Plans are underway to make Potentia Therapy’s approach to true health available to those who live outside San Diego. To make sure you receive the latest updates on our services and offerings, please sign up to receive our email updates.


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3160 Camino del Rio S #304
San Diego, CA, 92108

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