Everyone deserves a beautiful website.

(Even if you're on a tight timeline with a shoestring budget.)

At the 2012 World Domination Summit, I ran a mini-workshop called, “Your Website Sucks, But You’re Awesome”. I led folks through the basic tenets of putting together their very own Creative Insight, in order to guide their design decision making. (Either as DIY designers or to hand off to their designers back home.)

We talked about the best colour palettes for different tonalities; we talked typography (I could do a workshop based on this alone, srsly); and we teased out visual metaphors that could be used everywhere from the copy to texture and even into content organization.

I walked around in sky-high Betsey Johnson floral heels (at four months pregnant) and got the whole room laughing with my hand-talking and wild pacing. (It’s the Mediterranean blood, I tells you.)

This is the very first time that I’ve offered the Live Creative Insight as a fully-fledged workshop. (And it’s coming to your ‘hood first, Toronto.)

What it is:

The Creative Insight is the foundation for all of the work that we do around here. Throughout the course of a design project, we refer back to the Creative Insight (often). It informs all of our design decision making; right down to the reasoning behind the type, the palette, and the overall user experience.

This three-hour workshop will lead you and your fellow attendees through that same process. We’ll take what makes you tick, what makes your people tick, what makes your biz tick, and distill it down to its essential bits. These bits — these exquisite pieces of data — will inform everything from the colour to the type to the texture to the content organization and even into your copy. Truly, the building blocks for a beautiful online space.


What’s in it for you:

When you leave the workshop, you'll have learned...


Why I want this for you:

Even if you’re not ready for a full redesign, there’s always room to realign your design with your business goals.

And, though you may be running on a teeny budget, these skills will ensure that you’re making the right design decisions and not just working with gut-feeling alone. (Although intuition is still crazy important.)


Perfect for:

Creative entrepreneurs who are looking to (re)align their design with their already glowing content, whether you do it yourself or hand it to a technically savvy team member for implementation.


Not so great for:

Folks in the middle of design projects shouldn’t attend — this’ll throw a monkey wrench into the works and your designer may send me death threats. (And they’re likely perfectly wonderful people.) Focus on the process as you’re going through it. When you’re ready to realign, then you’ll know it’s right for you.


Put it on yer calendar:

September 24, 2013


Location: The Centre for Social Innovation @ Regent Park - 585 Dundas Street East, Toronto, Ontario

Capacity: 20 people

(Supa-Dupa-Beta Discounted) Price:




We’re going to be playing with crafting gear for mood-boards. (Scissors, paper, Sharpies, and magazines.)

Music, baby. We’ll be drifting between calming ambient tones for the deep creative work and hoppin’ beats for when we’ve gotta get our energy high.

Glossy-gorgeous workbooks and a playbook to help implement it all at the office.

Connecting with like-minded creative entrepreneurs (community ftw).

Three hours of laughter, love, community, and creativity.

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