OTYOS-Cover This Ode to Your Online Space is for you revolutionaries and rebels, who suck at following the rules and like to do things your own way. You won’t find any “what’s your goal for your website next year” or “list your editorial calendar for the next three months”. I’m not into that and I’m fairly certain you aren’t either.

This Ode to Your Online Space is for asking questions, instead of planning. It’s for reflecting on what’s working and what’s not, instead of ruminating on how to make it better. It’s about figuring out how to better delight your Perfect People, not diving into marketing tactics.

This Ode to Your Online Space is in two parts: Today and Someday. I’ve designed the pages for you to scribble madly, scrawl wildly, daydream how you will, and doodle in the margins. There are some activities for you to meander through, designed to delight you and maybe even dust away some cobwebs.

Download it completely free. No strings.

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