I’m the gal who always has a guy (must have something to do with being part Italian), so I’m happy to share folks that might fit your groove.

Technical Wizardry & Virtual Assistance

Jessica Williams: A phenomenal, detail-oriented tech & WordPress wizard. She’s great with pretty much anything you need to keep your online business running.

El Edwards: If you need someone to schedule your day, tell you what to do, and dazzle you with her ability to make you smile, El is your gal.

Arwyn Todd: Rad human being with a whole toolbox worth of digital skills that will keep your biz at its very best.

Swashbuckling Code Monkeys & Developers

Sarah Lewis: No secret that Sarah heads up development at violetminded, but she’s eager to take on projects for designers so that they can get back to what they do best, designing gorgeous shiz on the internet.

Shelly Hays Cole: Smart, sassy, and talented-like-whoa, Shelly is my second in development around these parts. She’s a whiz at pulling apart code and putting it back together even better than before.

Nathan Briggs: All around supreme dude, whose mad skills are matched only by his mega-watt heart and generosity. His specialty is security and he even provides hosting! Hacked? He’s your man.

Christine Rondeau: Hella talented dev from the ever-gorgeous city of glass, Vancouver. Need I say more?

Scribes of the Digital Variety

Nikki Groom: Nikki is my expat British babe whose wordslinging has set my heart on fire more than once. Along with her amazing writer-ly skills, Ms. Groom is a violetminded client AND a dear friend. So, y’know, lots of love there.

Alexandra Franzen: We share initials and a mutual love of board games, not to mention a shared love of elegant prose. Franzen’s approach is savvy and unmistakable. She’ll push your comfort zone and make you love it. I’m kind of mostly in love with her. (Disclaimer: she’s usually booked solid months in advance. So, you’ve gotta really, really want it. And her. Hot.)

Angela Raines: Want tingles when you read your bio? How about when you read your sales page? Angela’s your gal. Her ability to take complex ideas and distill them into their most elegant (and eloquent) form blows my mind every single time.

Jillian Locke (Elephant Journal): Her soul-full, heart-full, beauty-full approach to writing (and living) is something to aspire to.

Photographers with Fire & Soul

Vivienne McMaster

Heaven McArthur

Christa Meola

Catherine Just

Design Cohorts & Colleagues

I love my community. Everyone has their own tastes in aesthetics and their own budgets. If you’re looking for some alternatives to violetminded, here are the peeps. I trust & adore every single one of them. Love ‘em up and they’ll love you back with masterful design. (I’ve got more names, man. I’m well connected to these rad designer folks.)

Evan Leah Quinn

Tzaddi Gordon

Naomi Niles

Sarah Bray & A Small Nation

Christine Thatcher

Linsey Valeriote

Lindsay Goldner

Ashley Inzer (Graphics & Print)

Suzi Istvan

Alison Monday