We’re not an agency. We’re not even an anti-agency. (Whatever the hell that is.) We’re a Digital Artisan Collective: similar to an artist commune, but without actually living in the same country, let alone the same general area.

We’re all over North America. Some of us are in the UK. We’ve even got an Aussie in The Collective!

We’re stoked about everything we do.

From intake to design to code and beyond — we want the experience to be as amazing as the end product. Each project has a curated team hand-picked from within the collective. We base the team on a variety of variables: timeline, budget, availability, personalities, communication style, aesthetic preference, and good ol’ intuition.

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Our Rock-Solid Skills

  • Branding

  • Graphic Design

  • Web Design

  • Web Development (WordPress)

  • Copywriting

  • Business Strategy & Marketing

  • Mobile & Responsive

  • Awesomeness


More Digital Artisans

Catherine Caine – Business Strategy & Naming Expert
Rhiannon Llewellyn – Branding Expert
Megan Everett – Project Manager
Lisa Creech Bledsoe – Project Manager
Charlotte Marshall – Web Developer
Nathan Briggs – WordPress Security
Lori Paquette – Graphic Designer