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Say yes. Be free.

| Biznez | No Comments

Not long ago, I wrote a post on saying no that got quite a bit of traction. It was about taking back your freedom and feeling secure enough to set…


How generosity shaped my business

| Biznez | 3 Comments

I’m rounding the corner into my fifth year of entrepreneurship — a significant milestone, considering that approximately 30% of small businesses (in Canada) fail in the first five years. (Ahem….


Say no. Be free.

| Biznez | 5 Comments

I spent much of the first few years of my business reacting to other people’s problems. I would obsessively check my inbox, stalk my Twitter feed, and refresh my Facebook…


Why I Kicked Email Marketing to the Curb

| Biznez | 28 Comments

If email isn’t exciting anymore and people dread receiving it… why are we still focusing on reaching a segment of our audience with the one thing that they want less of?

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