violetminded Design says goodbye...

After six amazing years at the helm of my very first business, violetminded Design is now closed.

I didn't come to this decision lightly. Running violetminded has been as much a privilege as a pleasure.

When I first started violetminded, I did it with pretty much no business acumen or community supporting me.

At the end, I have more than my fair share of both.

This is not the end of web for me.

I'm moving my skillset over to Goatsocial, where I'll be handling digital strategy & business development.

You can still find me pretty much all over the place on the internet, including my most reliable haunts: Twitter & Instagram. You can also sometimes find me at my personal blog.

If you're still interested in working with me (minus my Goatsocial team), I will be taking on clients on a very, very select basis, starting in 2016. I specialize in Web/Mobile app UI, web development, digital strategy, and brand strategy. Email me for more details.

Finally, thank you to every single client who's walked through my digital doors since I opened in 2009. Thank you for making me a part of your businesses. Thank you for being there with me through two pregnancies and two births and everything that came thereafter. Thank you for challenging me to be a better designer and developer (and person).

Thank you for just showing up and being your wonderful selves.